Who are we?:

‘Switch 2 Renewable’ is a small company which specialises in renewable energy. Our focus is three-fold:

  1. We are motivated by the vision of a future which is fuelled by clean energy.
  2. We are dedicated to helping landlords optimise their land/property by enabling them to take control of their energy needs
  3. We are committed to helping everyone ‘switch 2 renewable’

What do we do?:

We supply renewable energy solutions to home-owners, businesses and the public sector. We also provide an independent information service which aims to provide everyone with up-to date information about renewable energy, climate change sustainability.

What we’re aiming for-

Switch 2 Renewable is motivated by the vision of a future fuelled by clean energy. To achieve this vision, our first task is to create an increased awareness of climate change and the impact our carbon footprint has on the environment.We hope that by providing useful tips and everyday adjustments, everyone can begin to recognise the impact they have and begin to reduce their carbon footprint. Our team is moving towards this vision through our consultancy service which provides free and impartial advice and information to anyone looking to ‘switch 2 renewable’.

We are also committed to helping landlords; helping to optimise their land, their property and provide them with the best deal possible.We aim to provide a range relevant information about renewable technologies and expertly deliver this technology to all our clients. We know that renewable energy can sometimes be confusing so we want to make it as simple as possible; providing a full turnkey service for every single client we work with.