Ground Source Heat Pumps

Switch 2 Renewable is a specialist in ground source heating installations.
We install ground and water installations in a wide range of properties. We offer a full turnkey service, and provide a detailed overview of the project before you decide to invest in a GSHP.

What are GSHPs?

Ground Source heat pumps (also known as GSHPs) use energy from the ground in order to heat a property. The earth absorbs heat so retains a temperature of at least 10 degrees, all year round.

GSHP use pipes buried in the ground in order to extract heat from the ground. The pipes are usually buried around 1-2 meters deep, the length of piping needed is dependent upon the energy needs of the property. GSHPs extract heat from the ground and pass it through a heat exchange loop, this energy is then transferred to heat the home.

Why chose a ground source heat pump?

  • The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – the RHI is a government initiative which is designed to reward those who use renewable sources in order to heat their homes and properties. Since April 2014, industrial, commercial, public sector, community organisations and domestic installations are eligible to apply, which means everyone can now benefit from a GSHP!
  • Energy savings – installing a GSHP means your property will be self-sufficient for years to come. With energy bills set to rise, you’ll consistently be saving long into the future

Why not see how much you could earn with the RHI, using this simple calculator:

Why pick us?

  • We can be trusted – we work alongside the Ground Source Heating Association ( who give impartial advice on GSHPs, and every product we use is from a trusted manufacturer
  • We are a small company – we provide an unbeatable client-orientated service. We want to make your ‘switch 2 renewable’ as easy as possible so we handle the entire process for you.
  • We have experience – whilst we are a small business, our team has over 3 years design and installation experience, which means you will be able to get the full benefit from your system