Switch 2 Renewable offers a wide range of informative services which aim to provide everybody with informative yet simple facts about renewable energy.

Information and Advice Service

Switch 2 Renewable is motivated by the vision of a future fuelled by clean energy. In order to achieve this vision it is important to begin with an increased awareness of climate change the effects of our carbon footprint.

Switch 2 Renewable is focussed on looking at facts, and looking at ways in which everyone can begin to reduce their carbon footprint.

One way in which we try to help, is by providing useful tips and everyday adjustments which can help everyone begin to reduce their carbon footprint. Starting with something as simple as using a different light-bulb paves the way towards making a difference.

We also aim to provide factual, relevant information about renewable technologies which will help you make the right choices when making your switch.

What we do:

  • Site assessment – one of our fully trained and accredited project managers will assess your property and provide an EPC in order to determine your energy requirements
  • Tariff negotiation – our team can help you negotiate a lower PPA (power purchase agreement) meaning you could get significantly lower energy bills
  • Investment funding – we can provide funding for projects, meaning you can get a solar system for free and significantly reduce your energy bills

Site Assessments

  • We provide EPCs (energy performance certificates), which can determine the energy efficiency of your home
  • If necessary, we will also provide a chartered surveyor who will check your property before you go ahead with any installations
  • We will also deal with any necessary planning permission

Tariff Negotiation

  • We can analyse your current energy bills and strive to beat the current price you are paying. Having spent years in the energy business, we know how to get you the best deal!

Investment Funding

  • We can help you get a loan for your renewable investment. If necessary, we help our client get pre-approved loans for their renewable installations
  • Switch 2 Renewable also has a large network of individual and institutional investors who are keen to get involved with renewable investments and revenue share with larger renewable installation projects

Switch 2 Renewable is supported by: MCS, REAL, BPVA, GSHPA, OFGEM, ELEXON and NAPIT